Life Lessons You’ll Learn From Knitting that Will Bring Out a Better You


If you want to start something great, you’ve got to learn how to knit. Learning the activity is a great way to reflect on important life lessons that you should know  by now. The following are some essential lessons that I have learned from knitting, which you may acquire if you’ll embrace the activity as a past time too.

  1. You’ve got to slow down.

You may consider yourself as an achiever and you just love running the race. However,  you may not notice it sometimes, but you are already taking things too fast. Knitting is an activity that can make you realize the importance of slowing down. You will learn how to take learning one step at a time. Through knitting, you will realize how important it is to slow down and stop rushing around so much.

  1. Starting over doesn’t have to be a burden.

Most of the time, we want things to turn out perfectly for the first time and we fail to realize that mistakes and the need to start over should come once in a while. You may have to rip out your stitches and start over sometimes, but that does not have to make you feel bad. Starting over does not have to cause hopelessness for sometimes, it can actually be the best place to begin.

  1. Keep on learning.

You have to focus on growing your skills. There are a lot of things that you should start learning about. Learning new things is definitely a great way to grow as a person. Working with fabulous yarns and learning new patterns every now and then is just so fulfilling.

  1. Having your friends around makes any activity more fun.

Knitting with your friends actually make the activity more fun. Working on a ball of yarn together is a great way to bond and share wonderful moments.

  1. Choose the good stuff.

Knitting will teach you the importance of meticulously choosing the kind of materials that you should use. There are many different kinds of yarns and needles that are used for knitting and you’ve got to choose the most appropriate materials for every project that you have in mind.

  1. Life offers infinite possibilities.

With yarns and needles, there are a lot of things that you can do. Bring out the best in you as you give your best to every project that you do.


Improve Your Knitting Speed in Six Simple Ways


Hand knitting is an enjoyable activity that most people enjoy these days. Loops are first made on one needle, and then the fabric “grows” by drawing other loops through them as they are passed  back and forth along the needles from  row to row. It is an interesting activity that can provide a lot of health benefits. Decorating your home with knitted projects brings a lot of fun as well. The following are some tips to increase your own knitting speed. You are certainly looking for this, aren’t you?

  1. Take a lot of practice.

If you are a beginner, chances are you will be a bit slower but that is okay. You can learn to knit faster by giving yourself a few moments every day to practice working on a project and soon you’ll notice yourself working much faster than before.

  1. No unnecessary movements.

If you want to speed up, focus on your knitting. Unnecessary or exaggerated movements will slow you down and using muscles can make you feel overused and tired. The next time you knit, be more aware of your movements. Watch yourself objectively and eliminate any movements that you think may be slowing you down.

  1. Be mindful of your posture.

You are encouraged to work at your desk in a correct posture at the work environment. When you are knitting, you have to sit in good posture as well. The most suitable posture for knitting is to try to copy the posture suggested for working at your desk, sitting up straight, have your work resting in your lap, with your arms bent at a 90 degree angles (like they are resting on arm rests) and your feet on the floor.

  1. Knit with beat.

There are debates about whether or not work output upsurges while listening to music. When it comes to knitting, I have certainly noticed that when I listen to fast music, my knitting speed upsurges to keep up with the beat. You may try if it works for you.

  1. Keep moving forward.

Speed knitting can be likened to speed reading. When you begin practicing knitting faster, do not let anything stop your development or slow you down. Focus on knitting as fast as you can, while disregarding dropped stitches, and differences in tension.  Refrain from scrutinizing your knitting as you change rows.

Get Hooked With Crocheting Enterprise

20100607-sandra-hands-crocheting-300x205One of the most popular hobbies for a lot of individuals today is grabbing some yarn and creating a lot of adorable things out of it through crocheting or knitting. More and more people are getting hooked with this fabulous hobby that allows an individual to relax and unleash their creativity at the same time.

Crocheting or knitting is not really a new thing, this great hobby can be dated back to history, but as the world gets more modern and the fashion and style of people evolve, a lot has also changed in the crocheting enterprise. Today’s generation has a big fancy for everything DIY, and crocheting and knitting is one of the easiest, yet fanciest activity that could help anyone make great things and enjoy doing so.

It is not surprising that there are a lot of people who are getting their hands on this activity, since most people now prefer spending their time at home rather than packing their bags and travelling in order to save money. Given this, people are looking for activities that they can do at home, and crocheting and knitting gets a lot of attention because of its easy yet enjoyable nature.

Anyone can do amazing things through crocheting, it is easy to learn and easy to do. There are a lot of books and manuals that could provide you with step by step information on how to start working on your crochets. If you want to get a more professional experience, there are also a lot of crochet classes where you could get comprehensive training on creating things out of a ball of yarn.

The good thing about crocheting is that the products that you produce are something that you could use yourself. Crochet products are slowly getting back on the fashion world and a lot of new styles are products of this activity. You could create your own fashionable apparel or item with touches of your own style and creativity, right from your home.

Since the crochet industry is getting more popular, you could also try selling the things that you create and earn money from doing something that you enjoy. You could learn to do a lot of items from crochet classes or even manuals and instruction books that you can sell. From apparels to bags and accessories, there are limitless possibilities on what you can do with your hands and a ball of yarn.

Crocheting proves to be a very good and useful hobby that a lot of people are now enjoying. Aside from being a good past time, there are a lot of wonderful benefits that you could get from this activity if you would explore the wide possibilities that crochet products have.

Exploring the Fun and Benefits of Crocheting

One of the best hobbies that is gathering a lot of fans nowadays is crocheting. More and more people, especially those who are spending their vacations at home and even those who just want to spend their idle moments by doing something fun are getting their hands on some yarn and creating a lot of wonderful items out of it.


Crocheting can be dated way back in history. A lot of people have been engaged in this hobby because not only it is easy to do, it also produces a lot of stylish and useful products. There are a lot of wonderful products that could be done with crochet, from bonnets to sweaters to blankets and fancy accessories, there are limitless possibilities that you can explore with your creative mind.

Engaging into this hobby is really easy. You can learn the basics of crochet from various crochet classes in Orlando that provide comprehensive and easy to follow activities that would help you enhance your skills in the craft. You also have the choice of learning how to crochet from step by step manuals that are available in bookstores and even on the internet.

One of the reasons why there are a lot of people who are hooked into this hobby is the fact that it doesn’t require much cost. The supplies that you need for this hobby are simple and can be found easily. Almost everything that you need for crocheting can be found in your local yarn store in Orlando.

Choosing the yarn that you will use for your crochet product should be chosen wisely. You should consider several factors that would make the process easier for you. The texture of the crochet yarn varies from smooth to rough. If you are just starting out, choosing a smooth yarn is recommended since they are easier to work with compared with rough textured yarns.

The color of the yarn is also very important especially if you are just learning to crochet. Light colored ones allows you to see your stitches easier compared to dark colored ones, which makes them a better choice if you are practicing your crochet skills.

A wool yarn is oftentimes recommended for individuals who are just starting out exploring crocheting activities. This kind of yarn is resilient and can be unraveledeasily and be used again if ever you make mistakes.  If you are not allergic to this material, this is one of the best kinds of yarns that you could start working with.

Exploring this hobby is definitely a worthwhile experience since you would not only be able to get to do something that you can enjoy, but you would also be given a chance to unleash your stylish and fashionable imagination in creating items that you could use, or even sell. 

Exploring the Relaxing and Therapeutic Benefits of Knitting

The knitting industry seems to be having its renaissance during this time as the number of people who are into this hobby continues to grow. More and more individuals are getting their hands on their yarn and starting to work on different fabulous items through knitting. While you may think that knitting is only for grandmothers or people who are expecting a child, you are mistaken. People from all walks of life are trying their hands onto this hobby not only because it is enjoyable but it is also proven to have therapeutic and relaxing effects on the mind.


Knitting serves as an avenue where people can unleash their creative potentials. Engaging in any activity that allows us to be creative actually does a lot of wonderful things to our state of mind. Knitting is not a very physically demanding activity, which is why knitters can relax while making their knitting projects.

This activity is also proven to reduce anxiety of the knitter. It is also an effective way to reduce stress and counter depression. There is a magical benefit that we obtain whenever we create something- whether it is a portrait, music, a poem, a story, a photograph or in case of knitting, a lot of fancy items and we get some positive and relaxing vibes from it.

This activity also helps us improve our mind. Knitting requires mental focus and helps stimulate a person’s memory and enhance his attention span. It also improves the mind’s visuospatial processing through the different knitting patterns that they work with.  The creativity of a person is also enhanced since he deals with an enjoyable outlet where he could pour his creative ideas and make them into an actual item that he could use.

During these times when most people spend their times on their homes instead of travelling, the demand for hobbies that do not cost much is at its height. Knitting has gained a lot of fans since it is very easy to do, but at the same time very enjoyable. A lot of people are also expressing their fancy on knitted fashion accessories, which makes the hobby even more inviting.

There are a lot of great benefits that a person can get from engaging into this activity. Aside from the fact that you could put your idle moments into something useful, you also get to enjoy the benefits that come with it. 

Knitting Yourself a Happier and Healthier Life

Crafting has both mental and physical health benefits so if you are thinking about learning how to knit, you’ve got to start learning about it right now. During crafting, brainwave patterns change to yield advanced Alpha-waves. This is a calming effect that you ought to get in the busy world. You just have to experience a little relaxation once in a while and knitting can provide the tranquil feeling that could serve as your escape in the busy world. This calming effect that you shall get is actually similar to the effects of yoga, meditation and Tai Chi.This calm state combined with intense focus requires reading patterns and sidetracks the brain’s devotion from chronic pain, thereby producing a calm state.Another important thing that you should know is that both knitting and crocheting can enhance one’s ability to concentrate and retain information. The reason behind this is because it actually engages both hemispheres of the brain instantaneously. This is going to improve your learning ability thus it is definitely something that is worthy of your time, resources and effort. It can help you cope with pain and different kinds of stress like post-traumatic stress, stress associated with grief, work and chronic illness.  Aside from these, both activities can help to keep the fingers limb for patients suffering from arthritis and also wards off Alzheimer’s disease. For those that have high blood pressure, making knitting as your hobby can drop that problem.

Knitting happiness with fabulous yarns

For those with anxiety, hypertension, heart disease and depression, working with your hands can be a good way to improve your focus and concentrate your thoughts on other things. There may be a lot of things that are running in your head lately and you need an escape. Well instead of drinking whole day or taking drugs maybe, why don’t you just knit? Grab fabulous yarns and needles and knit stuff that can serve as the ideal gifts for your loved ones. With all the benefits of knitting, it is no wonder that more and more people, including celebrities are joining the trend!

Through knitting, you can have a happier and healthier life. It offers a great pause from busy schedules and an invigorating detox from the technology-saturated world that we are presently in. Learn to knit with your friends and share great times. What are you waiting for? Knit now and make your life better and brighter.





Four Reasons Why You Should Learn to Knit

More and more women today are taking up knitting as a hobby. In a world where so much of our work is insubstantial, making things with your palms and fingers can help you feel better about yourself.  It can give you the feeling of control and mastery and is a way of creating order and beauty. So if you want a good break from all the pressure that you feel now, knitting is a great activity that you should consider. Do you know that knitting can be so much better for you than too much texting or web searching or electronic games? It can be a great form of therapy that you should consider. Aside from that, the following shall also inspire you to learn to knit.

Fabulous yarns are best for fabulous knitwear

  1. Knitting is great for reducing stress and anxiety.

Do you know that repetition of a word, sound, phrase, prayer, or muscular activity is recommended for they can result to decreased heart rate, muscle tension, and blood pressure? It can actually be likened to meditation. It is a Zen-like activity that you should do with your friends. The use of fabulous yarns will surely make the activity turn out to be more fun and exciting.

  1. Knittingconnects people.

So this is actually the main reason why you have to invite your friends and family members to knit with you. By joining a knitting group, a solitary activity turns into a social one.  It is always fun to learn with others. One study, called “The Benefits of Knitting for Personal and Social Wellbeing in Adulthood” and published in the British Journal of Occupational Therapy, found that “knitting in a group impacted significantly on perceived happiness, improved social contact, and communication with others.” So if you wish to connect with people, this is undoubtedly a good one to pursue.

  1. Knitting promotes concentration.

Focusing a work with your hands can somehow give you that rewarding feeling that you may never get from other activities. It is a great way for you to be able to improve your concentration too. Knitting offers a break from busy schedules and a stimulating detox from a technology-saturated world.

  1. Knitting provides a rare chance to be alone with your thoughts.

If your thoughts have been killing you lately, knit. If there is a problem that has been running through your mind that you badly have to get away from, grab your yarn and needle and start knitting.