Improve Your Knitting Speed in Six Simple Ways


Hand knitting is an enjoyable activity that most people enjoy these days. Loops are first made on one needle, and then the fabric “grows” by drawing other loops through them as they are passed  back and forth along the needles from  row to row. It is an interesting activity that can provide a lot of health benefits. Decorating your home with knitted projects brings a lot of fun as well. The following are some tips to increase your own knitting speed. You are certainly looking for this, aren’t you?

  1. Take a lot of practice.

If you are a beginner, chances are you will be a bit slower but that is okay. You can learn to knit faster by giving yourself a few moments every day to practice working on a project and soon you’ll notice yourself working much faster than before.

  1. No unnecessary movements.

If you want to speed up, focus on your knitting. Unnecessary or exaggerated movements will slow you down and using muscles can make you feel overused and tired. The next time you knit, be more aware of your movements. Watch yourself objectively and eliminate any movements that you think may be slowing you down.

  1. Be mindful of your posture.

You are encouraged to work at your desk in a correct posture at the work environment. When you are knitting, you have to sit in good posture as well. The most suitable posture for knitting is to try to copy the posture suggested for working at your desk, sitting up straight, have your work resting in your lap, with your arms bent at a 90 degree angles (like they are resting on arm rests) and your feet on the floor.

  1. Knit with beat.

There are debates about whether or not work output upsurges while listening to music. When it comes to knitting, I have certainly noticed that when I listen to fast music, my knitting speed upsurges to keep up with the beat. You may try if it works for you.

  1. Keep moving forward.

Speed knitting can be likened to speed reading. When you begin practicing knitting faster, do not let anything stop your development or slow you down. Focus on knitting as fast as you can, while disregarding dropped stitches, and differences in tension.  Refrain from scrutinizing your knitting as you change rows.


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