Compact Single Crochet in Ten Easy Steps

People of all ages love to crochet with beautiful yarns because aside from the enjoyment that it brings, it is also a great way to relax. Knitting and crocheting are different and it pays to learn both. Both activities give satisfaction and the end-products are great gifts especially during the much awaited holidays. Crochet instructions may be difficult at first but as you make yourself familiar about it, you will discover that it is actually so much fun and easy. In order to give you a hint on how crocheting is done, let us discuss about its simplest form which is the single crochet. Since it is the most fundamental of all stitches, you may find it laidback and inspiring. Once you get an idea about this, you will certainly love to learn more.

The compact single crochet stitch will create a tight and dense fabric. You may make use of this stitch over and over again. You may use it alone or in combination with other stitches. Follow these steps:



1. Crochet seventeen stitches. This will be the foundation chain. This is where you are going to work your first row of stitches.
2. Insert the hook from the front into the second chain. Make sure that you have the right side of the chain. It has to face you and your fabulous yarn while holding the foundation chain.
3. Wrap the yarn from back to front.
4. Rotate the throat of the hook toward you.
5. Pull the hook with the wrapped yarn through the stitch. Make sure that you have two loops on the hook.
6. Wrap the yarn from back to front over the hook.
7. Rotate the throat of the hook toward you.
8. Draw the hook with the wrapped yarn through both loops on the hook.
9. Insert your hook into the next chain stitch.
10. Repeat steps three to six to complete the second stitch.

In order to attain the best outcome, choosing quality yarns is very important. You have to look for a yarn store that offers high quality and beautiful yarns. There are several factors that you have to choose in picking a yarn like the color, texture, gauge, etc. You can ask for help from the people at the yarn store. Remember that all worthy things requires patience. Show your creative side and give love throughout the year!

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