How to Enjoy Your First Trip to the Knitting Store

Explore the possibilities. Enjoy the new surroundings. Encourage yourself. Know what type of projects you have in mind. There are various specialty knitting stores in the market. Know if you want to go for an online tour of a knitting store first or if you want to physically to go to a local one in your area, like The Ball of Yarn.


Things to look at when you reach the store:

I love the feel of yarn. A ball of yarn can be turned into so many beautiful things. The plush, soft texture makes me want to buy some and create something out of it. Available in every vibrant color you could think of. Now, take a ball of yarn and place it in your hands.

Now turn it over and you will find the fine printed label. If you want to go into knitting, this information will come in handy. You see there are different types of yarn. The label should tell you which needle size go well with that type of yarn. Look closely, to find a second box on the left, it should list the size in millimeter for those needles not found in the United States.
Size 8 is one size you will commonly see, which you can use on almost any weight of yarn available, with the exception of “fine” or “bulky” yarns. Anyhow, other craft projects require yarn for design, creative touch or check out the appropriate needles size, material and types, as they vary. Take the needles, place in in your hands, and get a feel of it. I kind of think of buying your pair of needles like, buying a wand out of the Harry Potter novel, the needles choose you. It is very important to have the right one for YOU.


Sizes vary with the type of yarn you intend to use, so check out the different sizes. There are metal, bamboos, wooden and plastic needles, get the feel of each and decide which one you like best. Needle types include the circular needles, double pointed needles and the straight needles, check out each one.

Check out tapestry needles.

Well this is different know the knitting needles. A yarn needle is much smaller, and is used to weave in extra thread to finish off your project.

Check out the kits.
These Knitting kits usually have everything you will need to start you hobby. Some come with instructions for DIY projects. They often come in different designs and colors. It sometimes helps to have things in your favorite color. It makes you look forward to finishing something you’ve started.


Bags or the Knitter’s Tote

They come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. It makes knitting fun even more. This will help you get organized. Some bags have special compartments to keep specific knitting tools. You can then bring your knitting everywhere you go!

Other Accessories
Safety scissors
Ziplock bags to keep your projects visible and separate.
• Cloth bag for your yarn needles.
• Clear folder for your patterns and labels.

Knitting Patterns

Sure you can download a lot of the Internet, but these are also available inside the knitting store, so be sure to check those out too. Some have a library of patterns which will help you sort out the ones you want to start with. Everyone has to start somewhere. Happy Knitting!

Visit the Ball of Yarn at 156-A Granada Blvd. Ormond Beach Florida 32174. Call (386) 672-2858 Today!


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