Part 2: Passion for the Basic Crochet Stitches

Part 1 mentioned 2 of my favorite basic crochet stitches. The new post will show you more of what I am fond of doing. Creativity in our blood, we have made it our mission to share our love for knitting through the store and our website. Our day to day activities always include making beautiful things with our hands. This is a constant reminder of our upbringing, our passion for creative creation.

We encourage people from all over to drop by the store, The Ball of Yarn. It is a place where our community would converge to share best practices and knitting patterns to family and friends. You see, it takes time, creating a crochet piece. From a small crocheted pair of baby boots one can give as a Christening gift, all carefully planned from design, color, size and kind, or to a personally designed knitting pattern for grandma’s crocket sweater, creatively planned to show the work of our hands, having grown up being mentored into crocheting beautiful works of art we could all use or wear—all these started with the basic know how of the basic crochet stitches.

Let me give you a rundown of things I learned while I was growing up. See below a description of each and a basic illustration of how it should look like all done into a crochet pattern.

Lace and Open work stitchesImage

Gorgeous is what I would call it. Imagine integrating other knitting stitches with this one to create your own perfect little crochet piece.

With this open work effect and its little holes, one can produce a fine lacy knitting pattern.

Like all other stitches, there are numerous varieties to this crochet stitch. Practice doing one and let your imagination fly.

Shell Stitches
I adore this knitting stitch. Feel free to visit our website, The Ball of Yarn, for samples of Shell Stitch Knitting patterns to try at home.

How to make this pretty design? Learn how to make the following to make the combination into the same stitch:


1. Half double crochet
2. Double crochet
3. Treble crochet
4. Double treble crochet

If you feel like going to the ocean or the beach but unable to do so, try this relaxing piece to create, like the name implies, shell crochet stitches which resemble bivalve seashells. Google tit and you’ll know instantly what I’m talking about. These are seashells we usually find walking along the shore, picking things up and collecting priced childhood pieces in our little makeshift bucket. Showcase your love for the sea, by producing this knitting stitch pattern though the combination of crochet stated above. The design is a combination created by working more than one stitch into the same stitch. Research and practice is what I would recommend. This is worth learning for future intricate knitting designs you can come up with by learning your basic crochet stitches.


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