Part 1: Passion for the Basic Crochet Stitches

knitting hands

Growing up in my family meant respecting age old traditions. People have a different way of expressing how they feel; some cook, some build, some draw, some sew, while in our family—We crochet.It takes time, creating a crochet piece. Whether it be small crocheted pair of baby boots to give our little unborn niece when she comes into this world, all carefully planned from design, color, size and kind, or to a Christmas crocheted sweater for grandma, creatively planned to show her the work of our hands, having grown up being mentored by her into crocheting beautiful works of art we could all use or wear—all these started with the basic know how of the basic crochet stitches.

Let me give you a rundown of things I learned while I was growing up. See below a description of each and a basic illustration of how it should look like all done into a crochet pattern.

The Basic Crochet Stitches

Start by learning and knowing the basic crochet stitches, this will be your foundation as an artist. Being familiar with these basic crochet building blocks will allow your creativity to take you places as you start combining your pieces to create your own personal crochet wearable work of art.

I will name a few that I love and find most interesting. Hope you enjoy them. I recommend you do your own research, then find one stitch you are comfortable in making.

V Stitches

“V” is for victory. This typical stitch features all forms of “V”. Once you make your first, it does feel victorious. It creates a fine-looking knitting pattern when the crochet stitches are linked together. They say this typical V stitch is created by making a double crochet with one or more chain stitches, followed by a double crochet stitch, working them into the same stitch space.

Numerous variations will allow you to create wearable pieces in different crocheted colors. I recommend, let your imagination run free as you explore making “V” stitches.

Cluster Stitchescluster stitch

Charming and interesting to crochet. Stunningly textured and it does absolutely look intriguing when examined closely. One can see and feel the multiple unfinished stitches working its way together and then being joined together in the very last step before repeating the knitting pattern. Just like all the other knitting patterns, it has numerous variations you can choose from. Again I recommend doing some research on which cluster stitch knitting pattern you are most confident to try first.

Keep posted on this blog for more information on basic crochet stitches. I will be giving you more of my personal favorites.

Stop by The Ball of Yarn, We will be more than happy to give you workshop and recommend the basic kit to start your Crocheting hobby along with a lot of laughter, friendly service and neighborly cheer.


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