US Women’s Number One Cause of Death is Not Breast Cancer

According to an article posted on a social media site, more women are at risk of losing life 

Imagebecause of heart disorder rather than any types of cancer that come together. It also showed that 90 percent of American women have at least a single risk factor for heart disease especially those who have already met their senior ages – 60 and above. There are some who are very active wherein they tend to become even busier doing their day-to-day chores, take a bath, go to bed to recharge but they experienced difficulty in breathing instead. And the worst, sudden death comes next. 

The Miami International Cardiology Consultants do also agree to the statistics being released by the American Heart Association or AHA that heart ailments are the most deadly disorder and the number one cause of deaths among US women. The data also presents that one in every three women breathes their last because of cardiovascular diseases compared to breast cancer which only kills one in every 31 American women. Statistics stated that more or less eight million women in the United States are living with heart disorders but nevertheless, only one in every six of these women thinks about heart disease as her greatest health threat. And last of all, AHA collected information hand over a fact that ninety percent of US women have one or more risk factors of budding heart disease.

A patient honestly confessed to her cardiologist that she has diabetes and her diet only include greasy, tasty and comfort foods and she never considered it can be the main factors for her to acquire heart disease. According to Dr. Todd Heimowitz, a recognized best cardiologist in Miami once told that it is imperative to figure out that heart disease can impart itself in women in a different way. The latest theory about the aforementioned is called ‘endothelial dysfunction’ which is a state wherein microscopic vessel of the heart contracts, instead of being obstructed or gained major coronary arteries problem. The typical symptom is having a pressure in the chest – called angina – or often being felt like it was being squeezed inside is normally not exhibited in women. Other symptoms are shortness in breathing, excessive sweating and nausea. The only difference is that women are diagnosed of heart disease soon after the course of the disease than US men. Meaning by the minute women are detected with heart disease, they often have the disorder for about a decade.

Dr. Stratego Castanes, another cardiologist in Miami FL, particularly in South Miami, enlightens that women on their younger age will definitely ignore simple chest pains. He also added that younger women should not think that although they are on 30’s they won’t become a candidate for heart attack. Most cardiologist advices their clients to be aware of their blood pressure and observe their cholesterol levels even though some of the risk factors are hereditary.

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