The Most Reliable Name in Miami Cardiology

It is said to be a major problem if one has a heart ailment diagnosed lately. But it is indeed an extreme dilemma if it all started on a younger age. The Miami Children’s Hospital cardiologyhas been established to answer today’s heart illness or disorder that even young ones can acquire – through their Heart Program.

Years and more, MiImageami Children’s Hospital became renowned as the front-runner or definitely a ground-breaker when Heart Program is the top discussion. MCH offers supervision and treatment of congenital heart sickness of children and even adults. The institute’s Heart Program has a broader and yet roomier scope than any other hospitals in the place (that offers the same services) basing on the number of patients who come and go within the whole year – with best results of course. In addition, the institution’s top secret is that, Miami Children’s Hospital is, too, a home of the best cardiologist in Miami. They have the best of the best physician team composed of 18 members specifically pediatric cardiologist, cardiovascular surgeons, care intensivists, electrophysiologists and cardiac anesthesiologists, the interventional cardiologist and lastly, the fetal echocardiography physicians. MCH has also subspecialists who carefully assist the cardiac experts during surgeries and other operations. This 18-member team is steadfast with their commitment of giving concrete guarantee on best heart care and optimum patient support as well as to their families through their registered medical practitioners and staff round-the-clock on call either for consultations or even complicated patient’s medical attention.


Up-to-date, Miami Children’s Hospital’s Heart Program is reliably positioned as one of the America’s top pediatric cardiology and cardiovascular surgery centers as a result of the survey done by the United States News and World Report. Based from the source, the Heart Program of MCH ranked as the second when it comes to the number of survival subsequently doing heart surgery – toppled any other program in the state. Not only that, MCH Heart Program was distinguished as number five in relation with the discharge mortality on all other institutions in STS Congenital Heart Surgery Database from the year 2008 up until 2011. Furthermore, MCH interventional catheterization methods have also gained positive results that exceeds to the national average records. They proudly hold the record of procedural mortality of zero percent in cases that includes interventional catheterization, competitively very far from the 8 to 12 percent of other hospitals having the same program as to MCH nationwide – making a name on Miami cardiology.



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